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Whether you want to admit it or not - it’s a fact that custom motorcycle owners and builders get treated a lot different than your average run-of-the-mill OEM guys...

Doesn’t it make you so damn mad you want to punch
your fist through the wall?

Here’s what I’m talking about:

You spend a mountain of cash either building or
buying the Custom Motorcycle you’ve always dreamed
of owning and riding.

You bust your ass
getting through the long and very often frustrating “build” process so you get everything
just the way you want it.

You carefully and meticulously organize all of the necessary paperwork you need for registering and titling your pride and joy only to go through the "beat-down" dished out from your local DMV and Highway Patrol before they allow to ride it.

You play by all the rules and
do all the shit necessary so you can finally get on the road and start enjoying and showing off your “Baby”.

And then you discover…

It sucks!

And anyone who tells you they've never had to deal with this B.S. is blown' smoke, because this is an issue every single custom motorcycle owner or builder has to deal with

You don't have to take my word for it... listen to this:

"I needed an appraisal for my custom bike for mainly insurance purposes, but wanted to have something on file just in case I was ever looking to sell. Received a very thorough and professional package from Mike and his team and didn't get any push back from those I presented it to.  Thank you. Will definitely go back to you guys for an update when I need it!"               
                                                                                            Scott Rose Asheville NC

"I found out about the AMI Custom Motorcycle Appraisal services a few years ago after building my Custom Softail. Anyone who builds custom motorcycles knows it’s not easy to get an insurance company to provide full coverage insurance on your custom bike. The best way to show true value on a custom is to get a Custom Motorcycle Appraisal. You might think this is an easy task, but I can assure you it wasn’t for me. I have some very reputable Harley Davidson Dealers in my area along with a handful of Custom Bike Shops but no one really wanted to do an appraisal.

Even thought I had all my receipts for the build, they did not seem interested in helping me; the bottom line was I don’t think they felt they knew how to write an appraisal. I needed a true accurate appraisal on my custom and that is where AMI came in! The certified appraisal documentation they provided me was as professional as it gets! I was able to submit this information to my motorcycle insurance carrier and they were highly impressed!"

Robert Dillon  Akron, OH

"I had a rude awakening when I purchased my first custom built bike. I found out I couldn't get a loan or insurance until it had an certified appraisal. The problem, I was in Georgia and the bike was in Arizona. I had all the vehicle information and pictures, but the local shops wouldn't give me an appraisal. So I sent the information to AMI and within days I had my appraisal in hand. Both the bank and insurance company accepted with no issues. This was definitely worth the money!"
Jody Weigle Suwanee, GA

"I had my self-constructed bike appraised by AMI. The appraisal was done very quickly and readily accepted by the insurance company. In fact, my insurance agent said "I know who did your appraisal and he is recognized industry wide for his accurate work." I was very impressed by the professional appraisal package that was furnished. Mike's work is reasonable, professional, accurate and timely. I would highly recommend him to anyone needing a appraisal without reservation. I will also be using Mike to re-appraise my bike now that I have received some awards from shows!"
Butch Turner Norman, OK

"I recently built a motorcycle from the ground up. The bike turned out great. The only problem is that when you build your own bike and have a custom built title for it, no insurance company will insure the bike for you. I contacted Mike Matthews from AMI custom motorcycle appraisals to help me out. Mike was able to take all my information about the bike and make a appraisal for it that was accepted by my insurance company. The bike is now insured by Allstate an A+ insurance company. Without a certified appraisal from custom motorcycle appraisals the bike could have never been insured other than liability. Mike Matthews does great timely appraisals!"
Josh Ford Emporium, PA

"Mike Matthews did the appraisal I needed to have my custom chopper insured. Being as my bike was built from parts and not a kit, no one would insure it without a certified appraisal. He was very professional, reasonably priced, and timely with my request. I will definitely use him again!"
Michael Lee Jacksonville, FL

"Here in NC you have to have an appraisal to register a custom built bike. I contacted AMI and provided the information required. I was sent a detailed and professional appraisal of my bike. I would highly recommend anyone going through the process of registering and insuring a custom bike to get an honest detailed appraisal of your bike from this company. It is well worth the money!"

Pete Fullam Southport, NC

You already know that custom motorcycles are unique and a completely different animal than any other bike when it comes to establishing a value for insurance coverage or financing.

There is no "Book Value" so trying to use an appraisal company whose main business is cars, boats, RVs... or occasionally does a motorcycle or 2... simply is not going to get the job done for you. To most of these guys, a motorcycle is a motorcycle and it's no big deal. 

So finding someone who actually knows what they’re talking about and understands the uniqueness of custom motorcycles, along with all the variables of the industry, can be difficult and frustrating.

In fact, any insurance company who will even consider writing a full coverage policy for your custom motorcycle... or heavily upgraded OEM bike... requires an approved certified custom motorcycle appraisal report for legal proof as to the value of your bike before they will consider doing business with you.

The same goes for any Finance Company, Credit Union or Bank that you might want to use for financing.

Here's the thing, custom motorcycle owners invest huge amounts of cash on either the purchase, customization of their OEM bike... or creating a one-off custom build.

But they end up dropping the ball on the most important part of the deal which is making sure that their investment is properly protected with a certified appraisal report.

You might be asking yourself: “Why is this such a big deal… I can go down to the local dealer or motorcycle shop and they'll give me a breakdown of everything I’ve done... and put into the bike.... and tell me what its worth?”

The folks are probably very good at what they do. But more than likely they are not trained or qualified in preparing an acceptable legal document such as a certified motorcycle appraisal report.

I can tell you from experience that insurance companies are NOT accepting a laundry list of parts and accessories and what they may have cost on a motorcycle shops letterhead or work order form.

And if an insurance agent tells you they can get a policy based on that, it's a good idea to take a real close look at the fine print.

Because when push comes to shove and you end up having to file a claim, that list of components isn’t worth the paper it’s written on. And even worse, it's too late to realize there were very few grains of accuracy in what you were told by your insurance guy.

Believe me, you’ll sleep better knowing if something unfortunate does happen to your motorcycle, your butt’s covered with a bulletproof document that can NOT be disputed.

"After my accident my insurance company sent an adjuster out who appraised my bike at well below its value. Because of this they wanted to total the bike. I then contacted Mike Matthews at AMI to appraise my bike. After taking his appraisal to my insurance company, they had to give me the true value of my bike. This allowed me to repair my bike and not end up a salvaged title, which kept the value of the bike at the appraised value by Mike Matthews. Also kept my insurance rates down!"

Jeff Patterson Mariposa, CA

To be blunt, there are many people who represent themselves as Custom Motorcycle Appraisers. And they'll lead you to believe they're qualified to appraise your custom bike by showing you a confusing assortment of credentials you've probably never seen or heard of before.

But here's the "fly-in-the-ointment"...

Their main business is more than likely cars, hot rods, antiques or whatever... NOT Custom Motorcycles!

They may appraise "a few motorcycles now and then" but that's not really their main business so they will "farm-out" the process to a third party...

They simply do NOT have the expertise or experience to put together an accurate appraisal for a custom motorcycle...

And to be brutally honest... many simply do not know or understand how to write a certified motorcycle appraisal report!


That's a good question and here's the answer...

My name's Mike Matthews and I've been involved in custom motorcycle industry on a full time basis for over 19 years.

This experience includes building custom motorcycles, creating various training tutorials for custom motorcycle builders, conducting and producing live training Bike Builder Boot Camps and numerous other Custom Motorcycle Business and information related products.

I'm also the creator of the Online Custom Motorcycle Appraisal Service which has been available to motorcycle owners all over the United States for the last 6 years... along with being a certified motorcycle appraiser and licensed by the California Department of Insurance

I won't bore you with all the details of how this convenient and one of a kind service was created. But if you'd like to, you can read the whole story by clicking here.

Look, I'm not saying this to brag.  I just mention it because…well…I know a thing or 2 about the custom motorcycle industry as well as the insurance and finance game that goes with it.

And, I feel that you should know who you're dealing with.

Take a listen to what some of the extremely satisfied motorcycle owners who have used this service have to say...

"Mike appraised my 2005 Custom Chopper so that I would have an idea, on what it was worth, when I sold it. Because I had the appraisal, I got what I asked for and the buyers bank financed him with no hassle!"
Jim Warden North Las Vegas, NV

"Mike was great. I contacted him when I needed an appraisal to refinance my Thunder Mountain Blackhawk. Mike provided an accurate appraisal in a timely manner that satisfied the requirements of my lender!"
Joe Neal Jacksonville, FL

"Mike, your appraisal service was priceless for getting insurance on my custom built motorcycle. And the price was also very reasonable. Thanks again!"
Steven Burgin Highland, NY

"What would I have done without your service? I couldn't find a local source for an appraisal on my custom built bike. Being as I couldn't get insured without one, I had no idea what to do. Your service is the best! Accurate values, quick turn-around and a fair price. Thanks and keep up the good work!"
George Willard Rochester Hills, MI

"When we changed insurance carriers we were required to provide an motorcycle appraisal. We could not find anyone locally, but our agent shared the info about Mike's awesome service. We were able to do all communications with Mike via email and he provided us with two copies of an amazing appraisal in a spiral bound format with color photos and everything! And the turnaround time was a matter of days! Mike is not only very professional but very personable and fun as well!"
Steve Coty The Woodlands, TX

"This is a great company. Quick appraisals and very professional documentation. I highly recommend it!"
Ed Boswell Channahon, IL

"The Motorcycle Appraisal I received from AMI  helped me get a loan on the bike and to get it fully covered for want it's worth. Thanks!"

Chris Wilke Rolling Prairie, IN

"I needed an appraisal for my Big Dog Pit Bull trike so I contacted Mike at AMI custom motorcycle appraisals. He gave me a quick, honest appraisal report that solved the problems I was having with my insurance. Much appreciated!"
Greg Lasko Bethlehem, PA

"I had a appraisal done for my custom Chopper that I built so I could get the insurance I needed. It was done in a very professional manner and I had no problems getting what I needed from the insurance company I give it 5 stars!"
Randy Berggren Freedom, WI

The appraisal report I got from Mike at AMI was used for a loan and also for insurance on my 1983 Harley Davidson FLHT Tour Glide Classic. It's a great service for the motorcycle community and I had no problems at all!

Craig Auers  Bloomington, MN

Like I was saying a few minutes ago, our one of kind and approved On-Line Certified Custom Motorcycle Appraisal Service has passed the proverbial "test-of-time" with flying colors.

And better yet, it's been engineered so that ALL custom bike builders and owners in the US can instantly get access to it no matter where you are as long as you've got an Internet connection.

Here's the 3 important areas our appraisal service covers for you:

Insurance Coverage... for any custom built motorcycle including trikes, sport bikes, Metrics or whatever special thing you've got!

Financing For A Purchase... We've worked with Credit Unions to help you secure the loan you need for the purchase of a custom motorcycle!

Insurance Claim Disputes... If you find yourself wrestling with an insurance adjuster in a dispute over a claim, we've successfully represented custom motorcycle owners to help provide the results they are looking for!

 I know you’re probably skeptical. You've probably been pitched on all kinds of motorcycle services and products that promise you the moon only to be disappointed..  

Hey, I understand. So that's why our service includes something you will NOT find with any other motorcycle appraisal company anywhere. Our...


We guarantee that your appraisal documents will be gladly accepted by the insurance or finance companies who deal with custom motorcycles and that you will be able to get the insurance coverage you want... or get the financing you need... for your custom motorcycle!

So basically there’s no way you can make a mistake. If you don’t like our service for any reason... or it doesn't work for your particular situation... then I want you to return it for a full refund!

There’s nothing shady or slick about this.  It is what it is... pure and simple. I'm giving you an "out" If you're not happy.

Let me ask you this...

How many other appraisal outfits will stand behind their work with a no questions asked  money back guarantee like that?

Let me give the short answer... NONE!

I needed an appraisal for one of my older Harleys for insurance purposes, I can't recall how I found Mike Matthews at AMI, but I really lucked out!!! His immediate attention to my concerns made me feel like a long time friend and when I received my appraisal, I was extremely surprised at the quality and professionalism of the entire package. Mikes attention to detail showed thru and thru. I would not hesitate to use his services again... totally in a class by itself!
Alan Takeshita San Francisco, CA

In case you're thinking that this online process might be a little confusing, we've made this process so easy to use, it’s like paying attention of how you unscrew a light bulb.

You don't have to be a computer geek. All the simple-to-use and easy-to-understand instructions are laid out for you so it’s impossible to mess it up!

And just so you know, 100's & 100's of custom motorcycle owners just like yourself have effortlessly used this service with "0" hassles!

And besides, if for any reason you do need a little assistance, all you gotta' do is give us a call or shoot us an email and we'll immediately get you taken care of with
real customer service... NOT lip service!

YOU GET: 2 professionally and handsomely bound Certified Custom Motorcycle Appraisal Reports based on the information you provide us by way of our approved Online Motorcycle Information Data Form. Each thick multi-page report will include the Certification Stamp and Endorsement of the Motorcycle Appraisers Association so there can be no mistake or doubt about the reports credibility or authenticity! Also... each Custom Motorcycle Appraisal Report will be assigned it’s own Report Identification Number (RIN) so that there will be no debate about what the motorcycle is and who the report was written for. This also assures that the report becomes part of the motorcycles legal document paperwork!

YOU GET: FREE access to our Custom Motorcycle Insurance Specialists who offer a ton of insurance programs just for custom built motorcycles. If you can’t find what you’re looking for through these guys, you may want to just pack it in, because I don’t think there’s any hope left for you!

YOU GET: 2 FREE semi-annual appraisal updates. This is an important feature because as market conditions change… or if you should make any additional upgrades to your motorcycle… you'll want to make sure that you have an accurate updated report of it’s current value. With this FREE feature, you wouldn’t get caught on the short-end of your insurance coverage should something happen!

YOU GET YOUR CUSTOM MOTORCYCLE APPRAISAL REPORT FAST! If you’re like me, when you order something you want it yesterday, right?


Thank you for the integrity you extend to the motorcycle community. So often in these days of "cookie cutter, mass marketed independent identities", novices attempt to validate work done by the masters, with no appreciation nor conception of the process by which the final product has emerged. From the years of dedication invested to the perfection of his art, the builder is on occasion a visionary, taking into consideration historical styling and blending the work of other master tradesman with technological advances of his time into a statement of his respect for the culture he represents.

Through our conversations, I have arrived at the conclusion that you and your company are NOT to be counted among the novices, but rather, to be identified as a true expert in the field of Custom Motorcycle Appraisals. Your keen insight into what it takes to build a dream, tempered by the elimination of the emotional value of the dreamer, allows you to give dignity to both. You have been honest, sincere and trustworthy and willing to defend your position. I count you with my brothers and I look forward to riding with you any time you venture into my neck of the woods. Be assured I will give you a heads up when I venture into yours.

God bless
Steven "The Preacher" Ethridge

I’m not going to insult your intelligence by throwing out a bunch of stupid numbers that others like to toss around about their services. All that does is confuse you.

Personally I hate that noise. Just tell me what it’s going to cost and if it’s fair and I see the value – I’m in.

So here's the deal... the investment for your Certified Custom Motorcycle Appraisal package is just $97.00... that's it.

Think about it,  that's just a drop in the bucket considering the amount of cash you've probably already got tied up in your bike... or some other “thing” that sounded like a great purchase at the time---but you never hardly use.

So in reality, this isn’t an issue about “cost". It's decision about protecting your investment!

Here’s how this process works:

After your appraisal fee has been processed, you will be taken to our Exclusive Online Custom Motorcycle Information Data Page. Once there, you simply provide the information asked for and when completed, just hit the submit button and BINGO… the process is under way!

And, don't forget,  we have also provided a special “hot-line” phone number for you to use should you have questions or if you might be unclear about something.

So what are you waiting for? Let’s get this insurance monkey off your back... NOW


Look forward to hearing from you!

Mike Matthews

P.S.  Look, I know I sound like a broken record, but a certified custom motorcycle appraisal is the MOST potent document you can own! And because of our background, experience and resources… we've got the "chops" that make our reports recognized and accepted by the insurance underwriters and finance people... GUARANTEED!

Besides, there ain't no other appraisal outfit out there whose only business is custom motorcycles

P.P.S. We've gone the extra mile to make this process very easy and fast for you. After you place your order, you’ll be taken to an online Motorcycle Report Data Sheet page that you simply fill out much like you would when ordering any product online. When complete it, you just hit the submit button and that’s it. If you need anything else, there’s also a special direct access phone number for you to use to contact us.

P.P.P.S. Make sure you don't forget to grab your free gift we want you to have for stopping by and checking out our service! It's loaded with a lot of very insightful and significant information.