The two, three or four wheel, motorized vehicle industry goes well beyond what you see on the road or what you start up when you straddle that machine.  The industry is driven by getting a loan to purchase the bike.  It is regulated by having insurance consistent with the laws of your state.  It is documenting the fair market value when you donate the motorcycle to a worthy cause.  It is affirming in your estate plan who gets the bike when you pass on.  It is having proof, in a legal dispute, this is what the value is of that motorcycle when someone else is asserting otherwise.

Custom Motorcycle Appraisal: Those three words tell what we do.  We serve the finance and loan industry by providing acquisition appraisals;  the legal and accounting industry when there is the need of dispute resolution or charitable gifting qualified appraisals; the motorcycle insurance industry when you are getting coverage or when there is a claim issue; and when you are estate planning and need to document your trust with a motorcycle appraisal.

We don’t build motorcycles.  We don’t buy and sell motorcycles.  We appraise motorcycles.  As you undertake the selection process and take a few moments here to understand the appraisal process and how we can serve you, you will have confidence in our appraisals for insurance, loan, legal resolution, estate planning and charitable gifting.   Thank you for selecting Custom Motorcycle Appraisal, the premier motorcycle valuation company in the United States.

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