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Here’s the story:

My name is Mike Matthews. You may…or may not... know me but for over 19 years my company has been producing Custom Motorcycle information products such as DVD tutorials along with award winning custom bike building seminars and many other cutting edge custom motorcycle builder services and information.

Maybe you’ve seen some of my stuff on the Internet or in various motorcycle publications... or even on TV.

Fact is, thousands of savvy custom bike builders from all over the world have been trusting us to provide them with these information tutorials that are loaded with the “insider” secrets of custom bike building along with other really hot educational stuff and opportunities!

Anyway, several years ago, a potentially dangerous thing began to develop within the Custom Motorcycle Industry. And this issue did not discriminate! Whether you were a “one-off” builder or a small business operator… it was a major problem for everyone!

Potentially, this crisis had more of a crushing impact on the industry then all of the other B.S. such as the EPA, Noise Police and whatever else “The Man” can come up with.

Here was the problem..

Finding An Insurance Or Finance Company That Would Deal With Custom Motorcycle Owners Was Damn Near Impossible!

Seeing we were heavily involved in the biz, we decided to get hot on the trail and see what exactly what was going on.

When you stop and think about the amount of money you have invested in your Custom Motorcycle, you should have the right to protect it!

And  besides, you'd have to be NUTS not to... Right?

Well, we dug deep. And with the help of an “inside-guy” within the insurance industry, we were come up with the answers we were searching for.

And the answer wasn’t complicated at all.

What we discovered was that the most important… and most overlooked... document every custom motorcycle owner needed to have so they could protect their custom motorcycle was simply this:

A certified custom motorcycle appraisal report from an approved and accepted appraisal company!

Sounds pretty simple... right?

But what we found was that the majority of custom motorcycle owners or builders did not have this important and essential document included with all of their other paperwork

And the reason was, that a qualified and certified custom motorcycle appraisal service did not exist.

So about about 8 years ago… with the help from some “operators” embedded within the Insurance and Professional Appraisal profession… we began a long and tedious quest to build a professional motorcycle appraisal organization that would bridge the gap on this issue.

The mission for this organization would not only set the guidelines for the custom motorcycle industry, but also meet the strict underwriting standards of the Insurance companies who would consider doing business with custom motorcycle owners.

It wasn't an easy thing to do. It took hundreds of hours, gallons of sweat and a ton of frustration to put it all together. We had to integrate our years of experience and knowledge of the custom motorcycle industry… along with all the legal aspects of the accepted appraisal standards… into one tight package.

Stuff like Ethics, Report Writing Standards, making sure we were within the guidelines of the Uniform Standard of Professional Appraisal Practice (USPAP) and in compliance with The Appraisal Foundation in Washington, DC.

We had to demonstrate that our Custom Motorcycle Appraisal Service would stand up to the hard scrutiny of the Insurance Underwriters. And we had to be 100% sure that it would be accepted by insurance and finance "suits" before we could offer it to you.

Like I said, It was a huge time-consuming endeavor and it took over a damn year to put it all together.

But with the help of some very influential people, a product was finally created that offered a HUGE and much needed service for custom motorcycle owners and builders. 

But it didn't take long before dark clouds appeared on the horizon and a major flaw began to appear with the service.

Because we were so focused on getting all the nuts and bolts together for the service, we neglected to  consider or factor in the details of logistics. And it didn’t take long for this to become a major stumbling block.

In other words, even though we finally had "The Goods"… it was impossible to provide our service to all the custom motorcycle owners in every nook and cranny of the country. 

So naturally, a lot of folks weren't happy when we had to tell them we couldn't supply this valuable service to them.

Then I did something that made sense (at least to me). I arranged a “meeting-of-the-minds” and gathered up the "Insurance Guys" for a high level meeting in Phoenix, AZ.

And it was at this meeting that I presented them with a proposal for offering an “Online Custom Motorcycle Appraisal Service”.

What we had to do was re-engineer our program so that all custom bike builders and owners could get easy access it by way of the Internet!

That way everyone who needed our service would be able to access it… no matter where they were as long as they had an Internet connection!

At first, there was a lot of skepticism about the Internet thing. Remember this was over eight years ago and a lot of these people I was dealing with still were not yet fully embracing the power of online business operations.

But after I laid out all the details and demonstrated how everything worked and functioned, the "powers-to be" were even more excited about the whole thing than I was... especially when they realized what a huge benefit it was for everyone!

What’s more, I even supplied them with a “mock-up” online custom motorcycle appraisal report to show them that we had obsessively engineered the program to fulfill the requirements and specs within their underwriting guidelines.

To make a long story short, after a few tweaks here and there, and everybody had their say, we finally hammered out a product that would not only be acceptable to the underwriters… but drop-kicked this logistics problem right out the friggin’ window!

One of the other important things we wanted to make sure of was that our Certified Custom Motorcycle Appraisal Service was not just available to everyone no matter where they’re located….  But we also wanted to keep the fee for this important service and documents down to a minimum.

By using the power of the Internet, we were able to cut our costs right to the bone and pass all the saving on to you.

There’s absolutely no reason why a custom motorcycle owner should have to dish out a small fortune for a certified appraisal report so you can get the insurance you're entitled to. For crying out loud, we're not the Rockefellers!

Anyway, it's now ready for you!