YES... Please get my Certified Custom Motorcycle Appraisal package started RIGHT NOW! I’ve been looking for a recognized and accepted source like this so that I can sleep at night knowing I’ve got the proper insurance coverage I need and get this insurance and finance monkey off my back! I understand that my investment for this service is only $97.00 and includes:

Two (2) professionally and handsomely bound Certified Custom Motorcycle Appraisal reports based on the information I provide you on the Online Motorcycle Information Form. Each thick, multi-page report will bear the Certification Stamp and endorsement of the Motorcycle Appraisers Association so there can be no doubt about the report’s authenticity. PLUS... a digital copy of my appraisal will immediately be emailed to me  so that I have a copy while I'm waiting for my physical package to arrive by Priority Mail!

Also, each Custom Motorcycle Appraisal Report will be assigned it’s own Report Identification Number (RIN) so that there can be no mistake on what motorcycle this report was written for.

FREE access to our in-house Custom Motorcycle Insurance Specialists who offer a menu of insurance programs designed for custom motorcycle owners. This service covers the whole United States so If you can’t find what you’re looking for here, chances are it doesn't exist!

Two (2) FREE semi-annual appraisal updates... This is a important feature because as market conditions change… or if you should make any additional upgrades to your motorcycle… you'll want to make sure that you have an accurate report of it’s current and upgraded value. With this FREE feature, you wouldn’t get caught on the short-end of your insurance coverage should something happen!

I also understand that after my order has been accepted, I will be redirected to a  special online location where I can access my Motorcycle Information form to complete and submit. And… if I do not receive a digital custom motorcycle appraisal package in my email box within 48 hours after I submit the Motorcycle Information Report along with the required pictures… everything is absolutely FREE! And, the hard copies package will be sent by way of Priority Mail so depending on the USPS I should receive it in just a few days!

On that basis, here is my order for my Certified Custom Motorcycle Appraisal!

Upon Successful Credit Card Processing, You Will Be Directed To An Very Simple To Use Online Motorcycle Information Form That You'll Need To Complete. When You Finish, Just Hit The Submit Button And That's It!

All Orders Are Processed Through PayPal And Your Credit Card Will Show A Charge From AMI Services Inc.